Crest Protection
Guard Ki Recovery +20.0%
Damage Taken vs Unscathed Enemy -12.0%

Ikeda is a Clan in Nioh2. Players can pledge their allegiance to a Clan at the Hidden Teahouse to acquire passive Special Effects that affect all Characters linked to the account.


The Ikeda clan served both the Oda and Toyotomi clans, later becoming rulers of the Himeji Domain located in Harima Province (known today as western Hyogo prefecture). Ikeda Terumasa is one of its most famous leaders.

Terumasa was son to Ikeda Nobuteru, whose foster brother was Oda Nobunaga. Terumasa served the Oda clan as Nobunaga's attendant. After the Honnoji Incident, Terumasa became allies with Hideyoshi and distinguished himself greatly on the battlefield. He inherited the position of clan head when his father and brother were killed in the Battle of Komaki and Nagakute. He is said to have been treated by the Toyotomi family as if he were one of their own.
The Ikeda crest is of a swallowtail butterfly, said to also have been used by the Taira clan. Nobunaga, who identified as a descendant of the Taira, used this crest as well, which is likely how the Ikeda came to adopt the design.

Ikeda Crest Protection


Builds that use Ikeda

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Ikeda Notes

  • The more you contribute during Clan Battles and the longer you stay in the clan, the greater the effects of the Crest Protection will be.
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