Crest Protection
Increased Attack & Defense (Hatchets) +20
Charge Attack Boost +6.5%

Shibata is a Clan in Nioh2. Players can pledge their allegiance to a Clan at the Hidden Teahouse to acquire passive Special Effects that affect all Characters linked to the account.


The Shibata clan's roots lie in Owari Province (modern-day Aichi prefecture), where it served the Oda clan. Eventually, it came to control Echizen Province (today's Fukui prefecture). Its leader was Shibata Katsuie.

While Katsuie once rebelled against Nobunaga, he later returned to his former allegiance and distinguished himself so greatly that Nobunaga appointed Katsuie head of his chief retainers. After the subjugation of the Asakura clan, Katsuie was entrusted with the campaign's advance into the Hokuriku region, leading to the establishment of the Shibata clan's base in Echizen. During the Kiyosu Conference that took place after Nobunaga's death, Katsuie agreed to marry Oichi, Nobunaga's sister. However, he soon came into conflict with Toyotomi Hideyoshi over a succession dispute. After being defeated in Shizugatake, he and his family met a most tragic end in Kitanosho Castle.

The Shibata crest features two wild geese, long considered bearers of good news and symbols of good fortune to come.

Shibata Crest Protection


Builds that use Shibata

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Shibata Notes

  • The more you contribute during Clan Battles and the longer you stay in the clan, the greater the effects of the Crest Protection will be.
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