Crest Protection
Bomb Damage +20.0%
Melee Damage vs. Strong Enemy +6.5%

Matsunaga is a Clan in Nioh2. Players can pledge their allegiance to a Clan at the Hidden Teahouse to acquire passive Special Effects that affect all Characters linked to the account.


The Matsunaga clan served the Miyoshi clan and ruled over a domain in the vicinity of the capital, with Yamato Province (modern-day Nara prefecture) serving as its stronghold. Among its most famous members is Matsunaga Hisahide.

Hisahide was highly regarded by Miyoshi Nagayoshi for his help in driving the Ashikaga shogunate out of Kyoto. However, he came to take excessive pride in his forces who were more powerful than even those of his masters, and displayed highly erratic behavior towards the Miyoshi clan's key retainers. His reckless and indifferent tactics are perhaps best exemplified by his infamous burning of the Great Buddha Hall of Todaiji Temple. While he served Oda Nobunaga as a retainer, his endless scheming and trickery finally led to his death by Nobunaga's hand.

The Matsunaga crest design is derived from the ivy vine. Much like the hardy ivy that spreads thickly on the earth, Hisahide was a determined man who elevated himself from uncertain and humble origins to the lofty position of daimyo.

Matsunaga Crest Protection

  • Pledging your allegiance to Matsunaga will provide the following Special Effects:
  • Pledging your allegiance to Matsunaga will provide the following Special Effects:

    • Bomb Damage +26.0%(+6.0%)
      Melee Damage vs. Strong Enemy +9.5%(+3.0%)

Builds that use Matsunaga

  • ???


Matsunaga Notes

  • The more you contribute during Clan Battles and the longer you stay in the clan, the greater the effects of the Crest Protection will be.
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