Crest Protection
Guardian Spirit Skill Damage +15.0%
Extended Enemy Confusion +15.0%

Oda is a Clan in Nioh2. Players can pledge their allegiance to a Clan at the Hidden Teahouse to acquire passive Special Effects that affect all Characters linked to the account.


After its suppression of Owari Province (modern-day Aichi prefecture), the Oda clan brought Tokai and then Kinki under its control, dominating then-turbulent Japan. Oda Nobunaga's succession as head of the clan further expanded the clan's influence by leaps and bounds.

Nobunaga's radical policies and brutal military tactics meant he was greatly feared by his fellow daimyos, earning him many enemies along the way. Ultimately, Nobunaga was killed as a result of the treasonous actions of his confidant, Akechi Mitsuhide. Upon his death, his surviving retainers were absorbed into various clans including the Toyotomi clan, and the status of the Oda clan declined dramatically.

The Oda crest is a flowering quince blossom, and its design is said to be derived from the cross-section of a gourd. It was once prized as a sign of the success of one's lineage due to its resemblance to several bird nests with eggs lying within.

Oda Crest Protection


Builds that use Oda

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Oda Notes

  • The more you contribute during Clan Battles and the longer you stay in the clan, the greater the effects of the Crest Protection will be.
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