The Viper's Sanctum is a Main Mission in Nioh 2. This mission is recommended for level 15, has a level 3 difficulty, and features both human and yokai enemies. The Viper's Sanctum tasks players with finding and rescuing Saito Dosan. Please see Missions for other walkthroughs on other missions.




The Viper's Sanctum

Mission Start Text

Ah, things don't sound good, Hiddy!

Looks like the forces of Dosan's successor, Yoshitatsu, are mounting an assault. Word is that Dosan suffered some heavy losses and retreated wounded to his estate.

They've been whispers that things were bad between the two, but all of this is a little too sudden... There's got to be something else going on here.

Regardless, Dosan is an important ally, so it'd do us well to help him.

Mission End Text

Phew... Mumyo sure did turn up at a great time, amiable as ever of course.

But curse Yoshitatsu for sending monsters to do her dirty work while she makes off with those stones.

With things as they stand, it's too dangerous for us in Mino. There's no use staying here. Let's follow the wise words of Dosan and make our way to Owari.

If we make it out alive. I'm sure we'll have a chance to repay our gratitude to him.

Kodama Locations

  • From the first Shrine, head straight then make a right. Inside this enclosure will be some boxes, break them to find the first Kodama.
  • From the first Shrine, head straight then make a right following this path until you reach the large center house. Don’t enter but continue going around the side of the house to find a Kodama.
  • From the second Shrine, follow the left path to the circular center. If players unlocked the shortcut by destroying a fake wall then take that path. Alternatively, players can take the normal route and they will reach the same place. Continue on this path until you see a path to the left that has a puddle. A Kodama will be hidden behind some rocks near the pool.
  • The fourth Kodama can be found under a broken bridge at the inner sanctum where you'll see a pool of poison.
  • The fifth Kodama can be found inside a cave on the east side where a Nure-Onna is roaming, you'll find the Kodama behind a corpse.
  • As for the last Kodama, near the huge red torii gate, you'll encounter a Toxic Slime and another Nure-Onna. You'll find the last Kodama behind the Toxic Slime.

Sudama Locations

  • The first Sudama can be found behind some boxes where you find the first Scampuss where you'll face a Nure-Onna that's within a mist of the dark realm.
  • The second Sudama can be found near the third Kodama shrine where the third dark realm was. From the 3rd Kodama shrine, go east and you'll find it walking around.

Scampuss Locations

  • You'll find one behind some boxes at the inner sanctum where you'll face a Nure-Onna that's within a mist of the dark realm.
  • The 2nd Scampuss can be found inside a cave that's on the east near the broken bridge of the inner sanctum. It's near where the 2nd serpent's statue is.
  • The third Scampuss can be found behind some boxes on the right side of the entrance of the Viper's Sanctum which is the main objective of the mission.

Hot Springs Locations

  • The Hot Springs can be found in the west inner section from the 2nd Kodama shrine. Before you reach the hot springs, you'll encounter a Gaki, Enki, and an Aberrant Soldier.

Locks Locations

  • The Ninja's Locks can be looted from a dead body inside the center house that is engulfed with the Dark Realm
  • The Onmyo Mage's Locks can be looted off a dead body found behind the secret path where you'll find a wall yokai Nurikabe. Nurikabe can be found at the cave where you first encounter Nure-Onna near the 2nd Kodama shrine.


The Viper's Sanctum Walkthrough 


The date is April 1556 and you'll arrive at Mt. Sagi in Mino Province. At the starting point, you'll find Tokichiro up ahead and the first Kodama shrine. From the Kodama shrine, go straight and climb up the watchtower that's on the left side, you'll find a corpse which you can loot for items and another body at the west side near the watchtower.


Go back down then continue to go straight then right, you'll find an enclosure with some boxes and a spear-wielding bandit. Kill the bandit, then break the boxes in the enclosure, you'll find the Kodama behind it.


After guiding the Kodama back to the shrine, head up the slope and you'll see an axe-wielding soldier roaming the area. Kill him then continue going up where you'll encounter a heavily armored ronin patrolling and a soldier that's looting a dead body. You can instantly kill the soldier that's looting by striking him from behind with a back attack. If you make a hard right, you'll find two more soldiers that are guarding and looting. You can loot the corpse after killing the two soldiers. When that's done, head back and you'll see a well to your right, hit it with your weapon to obtain 1x Small Spirit Stone. Before you proceed further, climb up the ladder towards a broken building that is engulfed with the dark realm.

Starting Area: The Dark Realm


When you reach the top of the building, look up and ready your bow. There's a Gaki that's standing on the broken roof. Make sure to kill it or shoot it down, since it can jump down and instantly kill you if you are underneath it. After killing the Gaki that's on top, you'll find another that's on the edge, you can execute a back attack to inflict more damage. You'll find a large chest as well that is locked by the force of the Dark Realm.


You'll need to kill the Yoki which is the source of the Dark Realm, and you'll find it just below you. Instead of climbing down the ladder or jumping down, walk up the edge and wait for it to walk right above you, then execute a drop attack to inflict a decent amount of damage, just be ready to roll back once you land on the ground to avoid getting hit with its weapon. If you have the Enki Soul Core equipped, you can activate the yokai ability which can instantly deplete its stamina bar and you can follow up with a finishing blow. Killing the Yoki causes the Dark Realm to disappear and you'll be able to open the large chests on the second and third levels of the building. Just be careful since there's three more Gaki on the second level where the Yoki was. Also, there's a memory and 1x Small Spirit Stone that you can loot from a dead body that's next to a pile of corpses on the second level - after clearing the dark realm, go back to where the well was and head up towards the center house.


Outside the house, there's another well on the left side which you can hit to obtain 1x Sacred Water. You'll also encounter a bandit wielding dual hatchets sitting by a pile of corpses that's on fire. You can execute a back attack while it's sitting with its back facing you.


Before heading inside, go around the side of the house on the right and you'll find the second Kodama.

Center House: Dark Realm


After finding the second Kodama, head inside the center house where you'll enter another Dark Realm. First, go straight, walk slowly, and you'll find a Gaki feeding on a corpse inside the room that's on the far right. Strike it with a back attack to knock it off balance, then finish it off before it recovers. Make sure to loot the body it was feeding on to find 1x Travel Amulet and a random piece of equipment or item.


From the first room, go straight then destroy the shoji screen or divider of the house. You'll encounter another Gaki behind it, after killing it, destroy the other divider on the right side and you'll find an Aberrant Soldier inside, this yokai is the source of the Dark Realm and killing it will cause the realm to disappear. It may also drop the Aberrant Soldier Soul Core and some random equipment and items.


Before you head outside, make sure to loot the bodies where the Aberrant Soldier was. You'll find 1x Ninja's Locks from the corpse that's on the middle, a memory and 1x Tanegashima Matchlock, as well as 1x Summoner's Candle from the other two bodies, before you reach the outside of the house, there's another Aberrant Soldier by the exit.


Continue further and you'll find yourself in a sanctum where you'll also locate the 2nd Kodama shrine.

Sanctum's Entrance


From the shrine, loot the body near the locked gate that's on the right and then take the path that's on the left. Before you reach the end where you'll find the top part of the large red torii gate, there's a dead-end to your left where you'll find a corpse you can loot. After looting the body, you'll want to walk to the top of the torii gate first before heading to the path where the Aberrant Soldier is patrolling. You'll encounter 2 Gaki on the top of the torii gate and at the end, you'll find another body that you can loot to obtain 3x Righteous Jasper - when that's done, head towards where the Aberrant Soldier is and kill the yokai before proceeding further.


Next, you'll encounter a new Yokai that has a body of a snake and the head of a woman called Nure-Onna. Be careful when you're facing this yokai since it is very fast, it has a long reach when it uses its tail to attack, it can shoot out a puddle of poison and paralytic arrows, and it has two burst attacks where it can stun you with its gaze and slams its tail on the ground that can instantly kill you.


From the yokai's cave, go west and around the corner where you'll find a resting ronin that's wielding dual hatchets. Try to shoot it at the head first with your arrow so that you can instantly kill him, there's also a small chest next to him - the chest may provide you with items such as Spirit Stone and Sacred Ash.


Next, go back and look to your left, you'll find a Nurikabe yokai. Use a "Nice!" gesture for it to disappear and it'll drop some items and a chance for a Nurikabe Soul Core.


You'll find a secret path behind Nurikabe, first, there's a corpse that's against the wall on your right. Then another that's on the edge ahead of you, the body that's on the edge contains 1x Onmyo Mage's Locks.


Next, drop down, go straight, turn left, then make another left where you'll find a dead-end that has a puddle, the Kodama will be hidden behind some rocks near the puddle. After guiding back the Kodama, turn back and go straight to the next section where you'll encounter an Enki, a Gaki and an Aberrant Soldier behind the wooden boxes near the Gaki.


After you've killed the Yokai in the section, continue going down, then make a hard left, you'll find a hot spring that you can use to obtain temporary HP regenerating effects. After using the hot springs, continue forward and you'll reach the inner sanctum where you'll first encounter two Gaki.

Inner Sanctum


Continue forward and up the slope after killing the Gaki. You'll find two soldiers that are looting a body here and a ronin wielding dual hatchets further. In the end, you'll find the locked gate which you can unlock to open up a shortcut leading back to the 2nd Kodama shrine.


After unlocking the shortcut, go back to where you encountered the Gaki and go around the path where you'll see a bridge leading to the inner sanctum. You'll see a mist of the dark realm that has Nure-Onna in it, approach the mist when you're ready and kill the yokai. It may drop a Nure-Onna Soul Core apart from some random items.


From where the mist was, go straight, then turn left, where you'll see some wooden boxes. Destroy it and you'll find a Scampuss behind it.


Next, turn around and at the left side of the bridge, you'll find more wooden boxes. Destroy it and you'll find a Sudama behind it. You can drop any of your items or equipment in exchange for some valuable items that will be given by the Sudama before disappearing. After that's done, time to clear the Yokai around this section. First, you'll find two Gaki near a broken bridge that's on your right and an Aberrant Soldier on the other side of the broken bridge. Kill the Yokai and avoid stepping into the pool since it's filled with Poison.


Just under the broken bridge, where the Gaki was, you'll find the fourth Kodama. But before you guide the Kodama, you'll have to walk through the pool of poison and get across where you'll find a serpent's statue. When you get to the other side, kill the Aberrant Soldier first then a Gaki that's above you. After clearing the area, destroy the statue and the poison behind you will disappear, and you'll be able to approach the Kodama without getting poisoned.


Also, near the Kodama, you'll encounter a new Yokai, a Toxic Slime, the Toxic slime has a malleable body that is very resistant to attacks, so the key to repelling one is to aim for its glowing core once it reveals it.


From the broken bridge, go east towards a cave where you'll encounter a grown Gaki. Head inside then turn right where you'll see another Nure-Onna.


Before approaching the Yokai, look to your left, and you'll see another Scampuss. As you approach it, put your guard up since bats will attack and fly towards you. After petting the Scampuss, kill the Nure-Onna, loot the corpses around her position, then go back outside.


The Yokai within the mist is a Yoki, kill it to clear the path, then go right where you'll find another serpent statue that causes the poison at the inner sanctum to disappear when you destroy it. The left side is a dead-end where you'll encounter two Gaki and a body that you can loot - when that's done, head back outside, go straight and head towards another cave that's on the west side.


You'll find a Nure-Onna inside the cave that's on the east, head inside then make a hard right until you reach a dead end. You'll find the fifth Kodama behind a dead body.


Head back outside and from the entrance of the cave, look to your right and you'll see another Nure-Onna and a Toxic Slime. Behind the Toxic Slime, you'll find the sixth Kodama


After finding the Kodama, head towards a small white torii gate where you'll see an Enki on the bridge and a Gaki near the gate. Kill the Yokai, and before heading inside another dark realm, go to the left side and you'll see a mist of the dark realm that's blocking the path ahead. Before approaching the mist, kick down the ladder to open up a shortcut. An Ippon-Datara will emerge from the mist when you walk up to it.


After killing the Ippon-Datara, go straight from where the mist was and you'll think it's a dead-end. Walk further then walk up to the wall to your right where you'll find another Nurikabe. If you input the right gesture when you approach it, it will disappear, but if it's the wrong one, it will attack you. Try to use the "Backflip" gesture when you approach it - it'll open up a path for you on the upper-level of the dark realm where you'll find an Aberrant Soldier. Again, since you're in the dark realm, try to kill the yokai's in it one at a time.

Third Dark Realm


The other yokai in the dark realm that's below you is a Yoki, a Nure-Onna, Toxic Slime, and a Gaki. You can use the high-ground to your advantage and shoot the Yokai with your rifle or bow. The source of the Dark Realm is the serpent's statue which is located in the west corner of the area, destroy the statue and the dark realm and the pool of poison will disappear.


After clearing the dark realm, you'll find a large chest near the Kodama shrine, open it and a Mujina yokai will jump out of the chest. If you input the same gesture as the yokai does, it won't attack you and it will leave some random gear and items before disappearing.


Next, from the Kodama shrine, go east and you'll see another Sudama. After searching the area around the third Kodama shrine, go back to the inner sanctum and head towards the large red torii gate that' will lead you to the mission's main objective, the Viper's Sanctum.

Entrance of the Viper's Sanctum


Outside the Viper's Sanctum, you'll see another Nure-Onna roaming around. Before heading inside, go to the left side of the entrance and you'll see a small shrine which you can loot for an Antidote and another memory.


While the right side of the house, you'll see the third Scampuss behind some wooden boxes. When you're ready, head inside the door where you'll find yourself in the Viper's Sanctum where you'll face the main boss of the mission, Yatsu-no-Kami - successfully killing this Yokai completes the main mission and you'll obtain the Guardian Spirit: Shirohami.






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