The Viper's Sanctum

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Mission Type Main Mission
Location ??
Kodama 6 Kodama
Boss Yatsu-no-Kami
Rewards 3800
Righteous Jasper x3
Shrine Maiden's Headpiece
Tanegashima Matchlock
Roarin-gun Ammunition x3
Shrine Maiden's Sleeves
Shrine Maiden's Shoes
High-Quality Wood x5

The Viper's Sanctum is a Main Mission in Nioh 2. This mission is recommended for level 11, and tasks players with venturing into an overrun Shinto Shrine and challenging the colossal demon within. The mission and features both human and yokai enemies.


Mission Text

Mission Start Text

"There lies an ominous cave deep in the heart of the mountains of Mino province. Once the sacred environs of a Shinto shrine, the land was overrun and desecrated by the yokai hoards. It appears that a colossal yokai has nested in the deepest recesses of the cave, laying in wait for anyone foolish enough to venture therein"


Mission Complete Text

"Inside the towering shrine found in the recesses of the cave lurked Yatsu-no-Kami, a giant snake yokai, poised to attack. Once the Yatsu-no-Kami was no more, the shrine returned to its original serenity."


The Viper's Sanctum Walkthrough


All Kodama in The Viper's Sanctum

  1. From the first Shrine, head straight then make a right. Inside this enclosure will be some boxes, break them to find the first Kodama.
  2. From the first Shrine, head straight then make a right following this path until you reach the large center house. Don’t enter but continue going around the side of the house to find a Kodama.
  3. From the second Shrine, follow the left path to the circular center. If players unlocked the shorcut by destroying a fake wall then take that path. Alternatively players can take the normal route and they will reach the same place. Continue on this path until you see a path to the left that has a puddle. A Kodama will be hidden behind some rocks near the pool.
  4. (Must have unlocked the shortcut to the right of the second shrine) Take the right path down til the very bottom near the broken bridges. There will be a path leading to a dead end corridor where a Kodama will be hidden.
  5. From location 4, exit the corridor and head towards the broken bridge to find this Kodama.
  6. From the third Shrine, turn around and head towards the ladder on the bridge, fall down, cross the bridge ahead and travel up the path just before the green mossy part of the cave. Turn left and fall down, take out the enemy to find this Kodama.
  7. From the third Shrine, turn over and head left and enter the corridor. At the first intersection, make a right to find this Kodama at the end.
  8. From the third Shrine, turn over and head left. Just before the corridor you enter for location 7, there will be an alcove to the left where players must defeat the slime enemy to save the final Kodama.




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