Moonlight Flutist Set


(2 Items) Life +150

(3 Items) Ki Recovery Speed +10%

(4 Items) Tea Utensil Drop Rate +10%

(5 Items) Melee Ki Damage +20%

(6 Items) Finishing Flair A

(6 Items+) Active Skill Ki Damage +15%

Moonlight Flutist is a Set in Nioh 2. The Moonlight Flutist Set provides various special benefits to players: the more pieces you equip from one set, the stronger the bonuses. Some sets are comprised of armor only, but others have armor and weapons, making for sets that have up to 7 bonuses.

 In Way of the Nioh, Ethereal versions of the set will gain an additional bonus when you reach the final tier of bonuses, denoted as (X Items+); see Set Bonuses for more details.

Moonlight Flutist Information


Where to find


Set Pieces

This set has 6 pieces, the armor is called "Samurai Nobles's _" Pieces don't have any other fixed effects.

  1. head_armor-icon Samurai Noble's Cap- fixed-icon-nioh2-wiki-guide n/a
  2. chest_armor-icon Samurai Noble's Robes- fixed-icon-nioh2-wiki-guide n/a
  3. hand_armor-icon Samurai Noble's Gauntlets- fixed-icon-nioh2-wiki-guide n/a
  4. leg_armor-icon Samurai Noble's Hakama- fixed-icon-nioh2-wiki-guide n/a
  5. foot_armor-icon Samurai Noble's Shoes- fixed-icon-nioh2-wiki-guide n/a
  6. Hazy Moon Flute fixed-icon-nioh2-wiki-guide Auto-Grave Recovery



Notes & Builds

  • This is your only source of Finishing Flair until Dream of the Wise.
    • On it's own, without any other sources of Ki damage with the normal version of the set, it gives you 4.7% more melee damage on a winded enemy and 7% more damage on grapples and final blows. With Yumehami and tempering Melee Ki Damage on your weapon you can get up to 51.9% Ki damage, translated to 12.2% melee damage on winded enemies and 18.3% more damage for final blows and grapples.
  • This set gets significantly better in endgame, as you will eventually be able to temper ki damage on armor, making the Finishing Flair more consistent and powerful. You also gain access to Ethereal Graces that give more Ki damage, or bonuses to Purity and Corruption, which both increase Ki damage.



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