Maeda Toshiie

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Enemy Type Human
Weakness Water
Resistances ??
Immune ??
Special Drop

Kitanosho Keep Key
Smithing Text: Odenta Mitsuyo

Smithing Text: Mataza's Long Spear

The Art of Combat: Triple Threat
The Art of Combat: Bracing Breeze
Shinobi Hood
Mataza's Helmet
Realmtaker Spear
Mataza's Gauntlets

Maeda Toshiie is a Boss and Enemy in Nioh 2. Maeda Toshiie is a Human enemy that attacks with a spear that has long reach.


Enemy Description

Maeda Toshiie is a military commander of Owari Province (modern-day Aichi prefecture). He began to serve Oda Nobunaga as a page of a very young age, and came to be known as "Mataza of the Spear" for his valor and prowess in combat.

Toshiie was once quite the eccentric, behaving in unconventional ways and constantly getting into fights. Nobunaga eventually refused to put up with his behavior, banishing him from the Oda clan. Desperate to gain Nobunaga's forgiveness, Toshiie unexpectedly joined him on the battlefield in Okehazama, serving his former master well.

Still hoping to gain Nobunaga's forgiveness by performing some great service for him, Toshiie unwisely decides to sneak behind enemy lines alone. Fearful for Toshiie's safety, Tokichiro  urges the protagonist to go after him. Unsurprisingly, the protagonist arrives to find Toshiie in the midst of a losing battle. However, Toshiie is unwillingly to give in, and begs the protagonist to help him. Together, they achieve a tremendous victory, and Toshiie is finally permitted to return to the Oda clan.

Forgiven by Nobunaga and back in the service of the Oda clan, Toshiie joins Shibata Katsuie's forces as he advances toward Hokuriku.

After the Honnoji Incident and Nobunaga's death, Toshiie is torn over where his loyalties lie. After much conflicted consideration, he leaves Katsuie, to whom he owes a great deal, and joins his friend Tokichiro.


Maeda Toshiie Locations & Drops


How to Beat Maeda Toshiie

Maeda Toshiie Boss Guide:


Maeda Toshiie can be found in a small battlefield. He uses a lance that has long reach which makes running away from him very difficult.

His lance has very long reach so staying at a medium distance is not advisable. It's best to stay near him and try to dodge his attacks either left or right. He usually screams before performing an attack so this can be a good indicator for a timed dodge.

He is a human enemy, so depleting his Ki bar by continually attacking him is a good strategy. Wait for him to attack, dodge, strike back and repeat.

If you use a build with high ninjitsu, you can try bringing traps to to the fight such as Noxious Grounfire or Caltrops.


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Phase 1
Guardian Spirit: He can summon his guardian spirit which summons 5 fire balls that will chance the player and explode on impact. He will also thrust forward with his weapon Try to run in one direction and then run in the opposite direction.
Imbue Fire: He can imbue his lance with fire, adding fire damage to his attacks. Try to stay away from him until the fire effect wears out
Lance Charge: He will move forward continuously attacking with his lance.  
Three Hit Combo: He will perform a quick three hit combo from the sides. This attack covers a very wide area. You can either dodge backward or block it.
Rapid Lance Thrust: He will perform a various continuous attacks forward. If you are in front of him try to block. If you manage to get away, go behind him and use the opportunity to attack.




Notes & Trivia

  • ??




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    • Anonymous

      All of his combos can be dodged, but are difficult to time reliably and particularly punishing if you mess up.

      • Anonymous

        He has oddly long combos, leaving for few openings to safely get any hits in on him. Some of his combos deplete his Ki, but only for a moment.

        • Anonymous

          FPS randomly drops to 20 in this fight on PC, my input simply doesn't go off anymore, this is the worst video game experience I ever had in my life.
          And those dev got paid for this dogshit job, this is a scandal.

          • Anonymous

            Very tough fight. Maeda can cover an extremely far area, making it difficult to put space between you & him. It also doesn't help that his ki recovery is insane, making it a whole different story to grapple him. Use Sloth talismans to buy you some time to heal/buff yourself because his attacks do a godly amount of damage.

            • Anonymous

              80+ kills... it took me over 80 kills to get both arts of combat from this guy... this was months ago, but I’m still bitter about it.

              • Anonymous

                Can confirm enemy is bull*****Can parry immediately and at no Ki cost, knocking you back. You can *generally* roll out of it but this isn't acceptable to suddenly parry me IN THE MIDDLE OF THE COMBO. Even better. I use Switchglaives. So Square =1 hit. Square, Square = 1 hit and *two forced, long, no dodge-cancel hits* . Sooooo if I ever hit Square twice I was boned. Forced to Square-Triangle this dude down slowly.

                • Anonymous

                  One of the most bs fights ive seen in years. He instantly recovers ki and can also do full combos without. He has bull*****tracking on his jump attack...I can only imagine how good this game could have been if they actually gave a *****.

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