Onmyo Mage's Locks

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Type Usable Item
Max. Player Capacity 999

Onmyo Mage's Locks is a Usable Item in Nioh 2. Usable Items are categorized as consumables which can be used to gain various buffs and effects that benefit in and out of battle, these items can be obtained in various ways, such as rewards from completing Missions, dropped by EnemiesBosses, randomly looted at various locations, or found inside chests.


Onmyo Mage's Locks Information

 A lock of hair from an Onmyo mage who fell in battle.

Since ancient times the hair of the deceased was said to harbor mystical powers that grant strength and protection to those who keep it on their person.


Onmyo Mage's Locks Effect


Onmyo Mage's Locks Required Material for Crafting

  • n/a


Onmyo Mage's Locks Location/Where to Find

To view the image for its location, you may visit the walkthrough for each mission by clicking on the title.

The Beast Born of Smoke and Flames

  • You'll find one inside a chest on the third floor of the burning Great Forge near the mission's objective. It's guarded by a grown Gaki.

The Viper's Sanctum

  • The Onmyo Mage's Locks can be looted off a dead body found behind the secret path where you'll find a wall yokai Nurikabe. Nurikabe can be found at the cave where you first encounter Nure-Onna near the 2nd Kodama shrine.

The Hidden Monsters of Okehazama

  • The Onmyo Mage's Locks can be found inside a locked chest inside a shrine with a Kodama shrine that's in the middle where you encounter a One-eyed Oni which is the source of the Dark Realm.

The Mysterious One Night Castle

  • It can be found inside a small chest that's located on the second floor of the rest house. The house is on the upper section of the fort near the second Kodama shrine.

The Hollow Fortress

  • From the second shrine, climb two ladders all the way to the top. The locks can be found inside a chest that's being guarded by a Koroka and Aberrant Soldier.

A Way Out

  • It can be looted off of a corpse that's by the closed door of a temple. The path leading the temple can be found in the second area where the moving spotlight is encountered.

Corpses and Ice

  • Onmyo Mage's Locks can be found inside the chest that's inside a dark realm. The dark realm is near the second shrine, inside a building. You'll have to kill the Mitsume Yazura first so that you can open the chest that's on the second floor of the building.

Bird in a Cage

  • Climb the slope that has a Yoki with a barrel of gunpowder it rolls down the hill at you. From there, head northwest to the mine cave and then down the ladder and through the cave to a slightly open area with a raised portion. The 1x Onmyo Mage's Locks is on a corpse guarded by a Tesso which can be accessed by a path on the right.

Pervading Waters

  • Onmyo Mage's Locks can be looted inside a large chest that's inside a building in the middle of the garden. It's near the third shrine. You'll need to kill the Ubume first to dispel the dark realm and so that you can open the chest.

The Frenzied Blaze

  • It can be looted from a corpse. The body can be found near a house where you encounter human enemies. To get there, you'll have to find the Nurikabe yokai wall so that you can find the path that leads to the said section. The Nurikabe wall can be found inside the house near the friendly NPC that joins your party. 

The Sun Sets on Mount Tenno

  • Obtained as a reward for completing the mission for the first time.

Ruin Draws Near

  • It can be looted off a corpse. To find it, find the weapons room where you found the fourth Kodama. When you open the door, go left from the walkway and douse yourself with the bucket of water that's at the corner. Walk up a bit to trigger the trap floor to open, causing you to fall into the room below you. The water will protect you from the flames you land on. Immediately look behind you and dash towards the corpse.

The Two Faces of Hospitality

  • Second Shrine: Onmyo Mage's Locks can be looted off a corpse. The body can be found around the corner, outside a house on the west side after crossing and clearing the second dark realm

The Mausoleum of Evil

  • Second Shrine: It can be found inside a large chest that's within the second dark realm. The chest can be found inside the tower where the second dark realm is.

The Golden Castle

  • The locks can be looted off of a corpse. It's on the second floor where you encounter the Gozuki and Mezuki. The body can be found being searched by an Aberrant Soldier.

Cherry Blossom Viewing in Daigo

  • First Shrine: As you exit the first building. Check the small room on the east side of the walkway where you'll encounter three soldiers. Inside the room, destroy the painting to find a door behind it. Inside the secret backroom, there's a chest on the left side containing a Mujina yokai. Make sure to mimic the correct gesture to avoid fighting it and to obtain the locks.

The High-spirited Demon

  • Third Shrine: Onmyo Mage's Locks can be looted off a corpse. The body can be found in the field where the giant yokai is encountered. It's near the house where the hot spring is. If you are coming from the hot spring, sprint to the left side, you'll find the body hanging by the edge.

Dawn of the Demon


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