The Dream's End is a Sub Mission in Nioh 2. This mission is recommended for level 108, has a difficulty level of 5, and features both human and yokai enemies. The Dream's End tasks players with searching for Okuni's younger sister. This mission is unlocked after completing the Main Mission: The Golden Castle. Please see Missions for other walkthroughs on other missions.



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General Info

  • Recommended Lvl: 108
  • Mission Lvl. Difficulty: 5
  • Bosses: Kasha


Video Walkthrough

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Mission Rewards

First Time Completion
Subsequent Completion
  • ??
  • 27600 Gold
  • 51576 Amrita




  • 1x Spa
  • 1x Dark Realm
Equipment & Materials
Soul Cores
Key Items



The Dream's End

Mission Start Text

I heard a rumor that a girl resembling me was seen dancing at Jurakudai, and I have a feeling it was... her. It's a little too much for me to go to such a place alone, so... umm... well, I hate to keep asking so much of you, but if you feel so inclined, would you mind helping me?

Mission End Text

I remember the day we left our village together. We vowed to use our dancing to bring light to this world. But could my dear sister have...? Oh Kaga, you fool! Now I have no choice but to dance and keep our dream alive. You have my deepest gratitude. If you ever need help with anything at all, I will be there for you.

Kodama Locations

  • none

Sudama Locations

  • none

Scampuss Locations

  • none

Spa Locations

  • Upon arriving at the starting point, don't go up the stairs first, but instead, head inside the room on the right and you'll find a set of stairs that goes down another room below where you'll find the spa that is guarded by a Yoki within a yokai mist.

Locks Locations

  • none


The Dream's End Walkthrough

Search for Okuni's Younger Sister

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Upon arriving at the starting point, don't go up the stairs first, but instead, head inside the room on the right and you'll find a set of stairs that goes down another room below where you'll find the spa that is guarded by a Yoki within a yokai mist. There isn't much to explore from here, so after you use the hot spring, go back up and continue forward.

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You'll find the shrine for this mission at the entrance of the castle and Okuni as well. Speak to her and she will join your party and accompany you for this mission. Make sure to use the shrine first before you head inside and face a gauntlet of yokai. Luckily, you have Okuni with you, so you won't have to deal with it alone. The first wave of yokai that will appear are two Yoki, next will be another Yoki and Wheelmonk. And the last will be another Yoki and an Onyudo. After clearing the waves of yokai, head up the stairs to the second floor and you'll see a Yoki at the end of the corridor, kill it, open the small chest behind it and open the door that's on the right side.

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When you enter the room, you'll encounter an Onyudo. Kill it then loot the two corpses that are in the room to find some items. After clearing the area, head towards the next room and you'll see two Yoki, one patrolling and the other standing at the top of the stairs. Next, you'll come across another large room where you'll need to fight off a wave of yokai. First, an Ubume and Flying Bolt will appear, followed by a Wheelmonk, a Koroka. And last, another Yoki and a Mitsume Yazura. After killing the Yazura and Yoki, the barrier that's blocking the next path ahead will disappear - head up the third floor and you'll encounter a Magatsu Warrior walking in the corridor.

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Loot the body first that's in the room on the left, then go inside the room that's on the right where you'll find the second shrine. You'll need to fight a couple of yokai first before you can use the shrine and for the barriers around the room to disappear. The first yokai you'll face is a Magatsu Warrior, followed by another Ubume, then shortly after, a Koroka will also appear. The last pair of yokai will be another Magatsu Warrior, Yoki, and an Onyudo which you'll need to fight while in the dark realm. Killing the last yokai will dispel the dark realm as well as the barriers, and you'll be able to use the second shrine. Now, the door ahead leads to the boss for this mission, but before you do that, you may want to grab a couple of things. First, open the large chests that are on the right and left side of the same room. Next, go back inside the room that's on the left side of the corridor and climb down the ladder, you'll find a body that you can loot.

Boss Battle: Kasha

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Once you've cleared both rooms on the third floor. Make sure to pray at the shrine first and make sure to bring Daion-Jin's Sake and have it slotted in your quick items to prepare for the boss ahead. As you open the doors, you'll enter a large room where you'll face Kasha for the third time. Its attacks and moves are still the same, only this time, the battle will be a bit easy for you since you have Okuni as your companion. However, you wouldn't want to slack off even though Okuni is helping. You're still dealing with a boss that is quite aggressive and dangerous if you are not careful. To learn more about this boss, click here or check our video guide for this boss that is linked below. Successfully killing Kasha completes this mission, Kasha may also have the chance to drop Smithing Text: Diehard's Armor - you'll also obtain a Spirit Stone Hairpin dropped by Kasha, speak to Okuni and give her the hairpin to leave and complete the mission.






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Trivia & Notes:

You can choose not to give Okuni the hairpin at the end of the mission, in which case the mission end text will read "Where could she have gotten to?  Well, I suppose it was just a rumor, so perhaps it was a case of mistaken identity all along?  Thank you again for your help anyway.  Please call on me should you ever need anything." 
This does not appear to have any other effect, and the same mission reward will be received regardless of choice.


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